BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Institute

Clinical Research Sites

BC Children’s Hospital

BC Children?s HospitalThe Child & Adolescent Mental Health Program at BC Children's Hospital is a provincial resource providing mental health assessment and treatment for children, youth, and their families. The program is primarily located in the Mental Health Building on the Children's & Women's Health Centre of British Columbia (C&W) campus.

The program strives for excellence through the process of continuous quality improvement. Through leadership, research, and training, staff assist in the delivery of all mental health services in the province. The close proximity of the program to BCMHARI’s Translational Research Centre on the C&W site is of benefit to researchers and clinicians alike. It encourages integration of research and clinical practice, thereby ensuring that research is clinically relevant and that it spans the critical developmental stages of childhood and adolescence.

Some key areas of clinical and research interest include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorders, Infant Psychiatry, Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Neuropsychiatry, Provincial Mental Health Metabolic Program, Provincial Specialized Eating Disorders Program and the Provincial Youth Concurrent Disorders Program for youth ages 12 to 24 with substance use disorders, and conditions involving both substance abuse and mental disorders.

Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission (FPSC)

Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission (FPSC)The Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission (FPSC) provides court-related forensic psychiatric assessment, treatment and community case management to mentally disordered adults who are in conflict with the law. In doing so, its specialized forensic mental health teams work to enable the re-integration of patients and clients back into the community. The Forensic Psychiatric Hospital is an internationally acclaimed, state-of-the-art facility, and is considered one of the most advanced treatment centres of its kind in Canada.

The FPSC is mandated to plan, organize and conduct research and educational programs relating to the care and diagnosis of forensic psychiatric cases. Research projects are underway in the areas of risk assessment, health promotion, stigma, aggression in patient populations, and patient and staff safety. During the recent development of the BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Institute, the FPSC research program continued to evolve, build capacity and strengthen its program through partnerships with health authorities, universities, researchers and other agencies within the province, nationally, and internationally. FPSC is committed to the critical link between research and knowledge exchange – translating knowledge into action to promote evidence-informed change in practice and system-wide improvements.

Riverview Hospital (RVH)


Riverview Hospital (RVH) has a long history of research related to schizo-phrenia and other forms of severe mental illness. As part of the redevelopment process, researchers previously based at RVH were brought together in the new Translational Research Building on the Oak Street campus. The final phase of redevelopment will be the move of the Provincial Refractory Psychosis Program to the UBC Hospital site. This Program will continue to be a key part of BCMHARI research, involving state-of-the-art brain imaging, psychopharmacology, and neuropsychology applied to some of the most challenging-to-treat patients in BC.