BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Institute
Jana Davidson

Jana Davidson

Clinical Associate Professor, Psychiatry
Faculty of Medicine
UBC – BC Children’s Hospital
Phone: 604-875-2802
Email: [email protected]

Description of Research Program

I am interested in the metabolic effects of second generation antipsychotic medications on children and youth.

Research Information

Mental Illness / Substance

ADHD, Psychotic disorders, Schizophrenia

Area of Research

Medication effects, Metabolic dysregulation, Metabolic monitoring

Keyword Terms

Adolescents, Antipsychotic medications, Atypical antipsychotics, Children, First episode psychosis, Metobolic side effects, Second generation antipsychotics, Youth

Selected Publications

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Ronsley R, Raghuram K, Davidson J, Panagiotopoulos C. Barriers and facilitators to implementation of a metabolic monitoring protocol in hospital and community settings for second-generation antipsychotic-treated youth. J Can Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry, 2011 May; 20 (2):134-41

Panagiotopoulos C, Ronsley R, Elbe D, Davidson J, Smith DH. First do no harm: promoting an evidence-based approach to atypical antipsychotic use in children and adolescents. J Can Acad Child adolescn Psychiatry 2010; 19(2):124-137

Panagiotopoulos C, Ronsley R, Davidson J. Increased prevalence of obesity and glucose intolerance in youth treated with second-generation antipsychotic medications. Can J Psychiatry 2009; 54(11): 743-49