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BC Forensic Psychiatric Hospital Patient Engagement Project

Meaningful Patient Engagement in Forensic Mental Health

Certain characteristics of a forensic mental health inpatient setting, such as the correctional and public safety-oriented milieu, create serious challenges in engaging patients in their own care. This is problematic, since it is generally recognized that a participatory and collaborative care approach is important for achieving high-quality and effective mental health services, and is a key ingredient for the concept of 'procedural justice’.

Recognizing the need for patients to actively participate in care processes, the BC Mental Health & Addiction Services (BCMHAS) strategic plan indentifies a need to engage “clients as partners in planning, service decisions and in evaluation of our programs.” Specific to the BC Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission (FPSC), the plan identifies the strategic goal of “further establishing clinical service models that are evidence-based and firmly patient-centred.”

The Patient Engagement Project (PEP), is designed to address this need for patient engagement and patient-centred care by increasing meaningful patient engagement and participation in the design, delivery, and evaluation of services at the BC Forensic Psychiatric Hospital (BC FPH).

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