BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Institute
Patient Engagement Project

Patient Advisory Committee

Patient Participation in Decision-Making

At present, the two primary ways in which patients at the BC Forensic Psychiatric Hospital can formally voice their opinions regarding the services they receive are through the Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) and unit-based community meetings. The PAC was created to give patients the opportunity to address hospital wide concerns and to provide a forum to bring forward suggestions to hospital management (e.g., food quality or availability of activities). Similarly, unit-based community meetings were designed to provide patients with a venue to raise issues pertaining to the individual unit in which they reside.

Through this initiative, the FPH PEP team is providing support to the community meetings and PAC in order to generate consistent interest from patients and is building linkages with management to ensure that patients’ perspectives and opinions are incorporated into decision-making and service provision within the hospital.

For further information, please contact Alicia Nijdam-Jones at [email protected].